Blair Murphy

Kimberley, BC

Years riding- Ive been riding for 7 years

Riding style- BackCountry Riding

What got you into the sport ?When I initially moved to BC I started riding for skiing access into the backcountry, started watching ThunderStruck and SledNecks and decided that looked more fun so I went for it.

What got you to where you are today? I am where I am today because of the amazing riders I met when I moved to BC who helped show me the ropes as well just having such a passion for the sport.

Whom do you mist look up to in the industry? I look up to the riders in the industry that are amazing riders but also talented film makers and photographers such as Alex Hansen, Allan Sawchuck and Todd Williams.

The one person you would give anything to ride with? I would give anything to ride with Andy Messner

Goals for the 2022/23 season?My goals are always to progress as both a rider and film maker/photographer.