Braydn Adams

Rocky Mountain House AB 

Years riding- My whole life

Riding style-  Technical tree riding and 270/backflip features 

What got you into the sport ?

My father got me into sledding when i was just a young kid 

What got you to where you are today? Hard work and no fear 

Whom do you mist look up to in the industry?

I've always looked up to my cousin Jason Adams, ever since i was a kid watching him on the slednecks & 2 stroke cold smoke movies 

The one person you would give anything to ride with? The one person i'd like to ride with most, is the guy i've looked up to forever, Jason Adams. 

Goals for the 2022/23 season?

Be the best rider i can be, keep and open mind to creativity in the trees, on the trail, open alpine ect. Land a backflip, get more consistent with landing 270 flips both ways and send it bigger than I've ever sent it.