Dawson Shuflita

Sylvan lake Alberta

22 years old

Years riding? I have been riding since I could walk but in the backcountry for 12 years

Riding style? Technical, steep, tree riding is where my heart is truly at but really trying to become a more well rounded rider with some chutes and jumps.

What got you into the sport? My dad got me into the sport as he’s a sled junkie like the rest of us. He started me out on a 120 Polaris and then moved up to a 250 and 500 for the fields and ditches around home. When I was 10 years old he took me for my first trip to revelstoke and I was hooked. From then I got out with him when I could while working around school. Now I spend my whole winter there and ride 80-100 days a season.

What got you to where you are today? I’d say my progression to where I’m at today came from just trying new things and mostly trying to follow other riders that ride out of my comfort zone. A person can watch 1000 videos and read how to sled but in my mind the true progression comes from just going out and doing it and trying something you want to master until you do master it.

Whom do you most look up to in the industry? It’s tough for me to pick just one person I look up to most in the industry as there’s so many great people in the sport but I’d have to say I really look up to Caleb Kesterke. I’ve know and ridden with him for quite a few years and have never met someone with as much drive and determination to master a new skill and to be at the top of the sport and I think that motivates a lot of riders including myself.

The one person you would give anything to ride with?One person I’ve always wanted to ride with is Keith Curtis because I really love his riding style and terrain choices. I also rode with Sahen Skinner quite a few years ago and would really love to do that again after progressing so much the last few years.

Goals for the 2022/23 season?My goal for the 22/23 season is just to become a more well rounded rider. I want to still progress in the technical steep trees but I also want to bring the climbs and the jumps to the same level and be able to do it all with confidence.