Justine Bratrud

Sicamous, BC

Years riding-Ive been riding for 2 years in the backcountry

Riding style- Ditch Banger turned BackCountry Mountain Riding

What got you into the sport ? I grew up riding sleds around the farm back in alberta as a child. We moved to Sicamous 2 years ago and my Boyfriend is an avid backcountry sledder. I rode one of his sleds the first year and last year I aquired my own.

What got you to where you are today? A lot of hard work and dedication on the snow. I ride with a very experienced group. So most days im kinda thrown to the wolves and have to make it happen. lol

Whom do you mist look up to in the industry? I look up to Ella Snall, She is truely amazing, 1st and only woman to land a backflip.

The one person you would give anything to ride with?

Ella Snall

Goals for the 2022/23 season?Serious Progression. Always pushing to better myself and id love to get my AST this year aswell